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Woodville, Ohio
The Water Treatment Plant
Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons per day
Usage per day: 150,000 gal. Average flow per day.
Year built: 1984
Qualifications to operate the plant: Class II Water Certificate (State)
Type of license required: Class II Water Certificate (State)
Recent major improvements: Replaced distribution valves and completed some water line looping
Wells: The village water system is supplied by 7 well, 250 feet deep, average 75 gallons per minute. Chlorine disinfection - EPA mandated plus floride.
Water Storage: 100,000 gallon overhead storage (water tower), 200,000 gallon underground storage.
Maintainance: The village utility department maintains 60 fire hydrants, 11 miles of waterline, valves, and 823 meters. The water treatment plant houses a very sophisticated lab for both the water and sewer departments for performing EPA mandated tests for our system.
Other information about the Water Treatment Plant: Lime and soda ash softening plant with chlorine and flouride.
The Wastewater Treatment Plant
Capacity: 300,000 gallons per day plant.
Usage per day or flow to plant: 333,000 gal per day average flow.
Year built: 1968 - 1969
Qualifications to operate the plant: Class I Wastewater Certificate (State)
Type of license required: Class I Wastewater Certificate (State)
Recent major improvements: Added a second cell for storm water retention.
The village utility department mantains 3 pump stations, variable speed equipment, pumps, valves and motors, 15 miles of sewer lines and all manholes to maintain and clean.
Other information about the Wastewater Treatment Plant: The village has a combination storm and wastewater and collection system. This type of system is being elimintated by the EPA and Woodville will be looking at replacing this system over the next several years.

Upcoming Projects

The Village received financial assistance from the Ohio Public Works Commission in the amount of $311,050 for Phase I - Waterline Improvements. This project will include a 12" waterline from the Water Plant and running down the alley between First and Main Streets and along the south side of Main Street from Walnut to Subway. This is just the beginning of major waterline improvements throughout the Village.

The Street Department
Miles of streets: 11 miles within the village - US Rt. 20 runs through the village with a heavy volume of traffic. Estimated 12,000 vehicles per day travel through Woodville, with 30% being truck traffic.

Parks: Busdiecker Park, Veterans Memorial Park and Trail Marker Park which includes a Community Swimming Pool. The community also supports youth to adult summer ball teams.
Major improvements: New playground equipment at Trail Marker Park and to be added at Waterworks Park in 2003. A grant has been applied for to purchase a new pool liner.
Maintenance: Street department maintains all the streets, curbs, sidewalks, parks and park equipment, mowing, and all equipment to maintain the streets and parks.
The Electric Department
Customers served:
Amp Ohio:
is a non-profit corporation organized in Ohio in 1971 for the purpose of owning and operating electric facilities or otherwise providing for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its members. Amp-Ohio purchases wholesale electric power and energy, and sells it to members at rates based on the purchase prices plus a small service fee. The organization also develops alternate power resources to best meet members’ short-and long-term needs. It also operates an energy control center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve its member communities.
Major Improvements - Substation:
New distribution lines from substation into system.
The utility department maintains 11 miles of electric lines, all poles, wire, transformers, house drops, street lights, traffic lights, and meters.
Other information about the electric system:
The new substation is fed from Toledo Edison transmission lines at 34,500 volts and the substation steps it down to our primary distribution of 4,160. It has the capacity to serve many times the load in the future than we are servicing now. Contnued effort is in progress to upgrade the service from the new substation to the west end of the village for more reliable service through out the entire community.

Utilities Departments:
The village also maintains buildings such as the Town Hall, Library, Museum, old street garage, new utility maintenance building, shelter houses in parks, water treatment plant, sewer treatment plant, and the many vehicles used to service the community.

All employees are required by Amp-Ohio to attend monthly OSHA safety meetings to keep our employees safe while working. The village now must be in compliance to all OSHA regulations, such as, fall protection, lock out tag out procedures, confine space, storage and many other OSHA requirements.

Concerns: Any questions about utilities any resident can call 419-849-3031 or 419-849-2233. In case of a power outage or other utility concerns during weekends, or non working hours, any residents may call the police department at 419-849-3020 and request the officer to contact the necessary personnel in the utility department to take care of any concerns.

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