Martin Marietta
Woodville, Ohio
Municipal Services:
Police - The Village Police Department provides around-the-clock Police Services such as Patrol, Traffic Control, Security Checks, and Investigations. The Village Police have computer links with other Local, County, State, and Federal agencies. They have new radio and computer systems as well. Woodville Township is presently served by the Sandusky County Sheriff's Department. Department 419-849-2211 Dispatch 419-849-3020

Woodville Township Volunteer Fire Department - First class volunteer operation using several modern fire trucks. Woodville has the lowest insurance rates possible for the size of the community.

Rescue - Both Village and Township residents are served by the Woodville Township Life Squad. The Life Squad is operated by Woodville Township in Cooperation with North Central EMS ( The Life Squad operates 24 hours a day with trained paramedics and Medical Technicians and a fully equipped Emergency Vehicle.

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