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Woodville, Ohio

EMERGENCY or EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE (EMS): Dial 9-1-1. The EMS is located at the Woodville Township Fire Station on Fort Findlay Road

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Woodville has a volunteer fire department
Business/Personal -DIRECT TO FIRE DEPARTMENT: 419-849-3232
Non Emergency -COUNTY DISPATCHER: 419-849-3020

POLICE: The village provides 24 hour police protection.  The station is located in the Town Hall,  219 W. Main Street, Woodville. Chief of Police: Roy Whitehead. Business/Personal -DIRECT TO POLICE DEPARTMENT: 419-849-2211
Non Emergency -COUNTY DISPATCHER: 419-849-3020
Emergency: Dial 9-1-1

CABLE: Service is provided by Time Warner Cable at 1-800-617-4311

GAS COMPANY: Columbia Gas is located in Bowling Green, OH 1-800-362-6621. 

After Setting up your Columbia Gas account, if you wish to become a part of the
Village Gas Aggregation Program, call Interstate Gas 1-800-280-4474. Call the Village
Fiscal Officer for questions regarding the Gas Aggregation Program.

INTERNET: Amplex Internet, Marc Radabaugh, Owner.  419-833-3635, 1-888-419-3635 or

PHONE SERVICE: Century Link 1-800-407-5411

ZONING AND/OR BUILDING PERMITS: Permit applications are available at 530 Lime Street.  The Zoning Inspector is Keith Kruse at 419-849-3031

Village owned and located at 205 Erie St: 419-849-2005.  Passes are available after May 1st at 530 Lime Street for a discounted price until 1:00 PM the day prior to the opening of the Pool. The Pool usually opens after school closes and stays open until school begins, weather permitting.

The village operates a vegetation site for Village Residents ONLY! It is located
North of the village on South River Road / Port Clinton Road. The site is for grass clippings, shrub
or tree trimmings, and various yard waste items. Please follow directions on
the signs posted at the site.
The site is open 9 AM - 9 PM year round.
There $1.00 usage fee per month.

VILLAGE WORKS ADMINISTRATOR: Keith Kruse at 530 Lime Street.  Utility questions other than bills 419-849-3031.  Or email  Hours are from 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

After hours utility emergency call county dispatch at 419-849-3020

VILLAGE Financial Officer: Barbara (Barb) J. Runion at 530 Lime Street.  419-849-2731 or email  Hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.

GARBAGE: Collection is provided by Buckeye Sanitation and is collected each Thursday beginning at 7:30am except on a week with on of the six major holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day), falls on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday then pickup will be on Friday.  Garbage is not to be put out before 5:00pm the evening before pickup.  Billing is done by the village, as a convenience, for the residents, the charge is added on your monthly utility bill.  The cost for basic garbage collection is $8.40 per month.  Pickup is limited to 4-30 gallon containers: extra bag tags can be purchased for $0.50 per bag.  ONE LARGE ITEM such as carpet, chairs, sofas, mattress, washers, dryers, stoves, porcelain toilets & sinks etc. are included in pickup each week.  On items such as building material, stone, auto parts, etc. Buckeye Sanitation will be able to help you.  BUCKEYE PHONE NUMBER IS 419-637-7022.  Due to EPA regulations, grass clippings, yard waste, leaves, shrub or tree trimmings etc. CAN NOT be included in garbage pickup and must be taken to the vegetation site.

RECYCLING: Recyclables are picked up on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month by Buckeye Sanitation.  In most cases, during the week of one of the six major holidays (see above), pickup will occur on Friday of that week.  Red tags for recyclables are available at the Town Hall, 530 Lime Street or the local financial insitution(s).  Place a red tag on recyclable bag and place in a separate area from your regular garbage.  Aluminum, tin, glass and plastic can be placed in one bag.  Newspapers and magazines (no junk mail) should be placed in a separate bag.  Corrugated cardboard ONLY is recylable and should be tied in bundles. Most large appliances are recyclable but are picked up on a weekly basis. The more the Village recycles, the lower the rates are for garbage collection along with making the Village eligible for grant monies.

UTILITIES: Electric, Water, Sewer, Garbage, and Yard Waste are billed monthly.  The billing is done at the Utility Billing Clerk's Office at 530 Lime Street and bills are mailed around the 15th of the month.  The bills are for the previous month's usage.  There is a Power Adjustment (PF), billed to eachc bill based on electric usage.  This charge is based on the total amount billed to the Village by our power supplier and billed to each customer based on their KW usage.

Payment for the current bill is due by the last day of the month it has been billed in.  There is sa 10% discount if the bill is paid by the end of the month (TOTAL AMOUNT DUE area on the bill), the AFTER DUE DATE area is the gross bill amount.  Bills can be paid at Fremont Federal Credit Union, Hungtington National Bank, 530 Lime Street, Town Hall (in the night drop box,) or mailed to Post Office Box 156. You may also pay on-line from your financial institution (some banks will send us a check allow at least 10 days for your financial institution to get payment to the Village.)

If you will be moving out of the village or have any questions regarding your utility service contact:
     Utility Billing Clerk: Dawn Brockbrader
     Phone: 419-849-2731     Email:
     Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm
The Village of Woodville is located on State Route 20, just 25 miles East of Toledo and 16 miles West of Fremont.  We are governed by a non-charter type government that includes:

MAYOR: Richard A. Harman
SIX COUNCIL MEMBERS: Ty Tracy (President), Judy Karchner, Pat Dunn, Stephanie Rizor, Joe Riffle, Jeff Tate

All positions are elected by the residents of the village.

Tax Rate: The Village is funded by a 7.4 mil 5-year replacement levy which went into effect January 2012

The Village maintains a full-time Police Department, two Village Parks, Village Streets, Village owned public buildings, including the Library and Town Hall.  The Village also owns and operates their own Water Plant, Sewer Plant, and Electric Department. 

Woodville Township operates its own E.M.S. which includes service for the Village. They also maintain the local cemeteries’. This is supported by a tax levy.

Woodville Township Clerk: Lori Kepus 419-849-2492
Woodville Township Senior Center (WSOS): 419-849-3636

BANKING: Services provided in Woodville - Fremont Federal Credit Union and Huntington National Bank

NEWSPAPER: Toledo Blade (Carrier Delivered), Fremont News Messenger (Carrier Delivered), U.S.A. Today (Carrier Delivered), Suburban Press (No Cost Carrier Delivered)

CHURCH DENOMINATIONS: Solomon Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church, Trinity Assembly of God, Woodville Baptist Church


Solomon Lutheran Christian Day School: Nursery through 6th - Extended Care Program
Woodmore Public School: Kindergarten through Grade 6 in Woodville.  Grade 7 through 12 in Elmore

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at 419-849-2731
Barbara J. Runion: Fiscal Officer -
Dawn Brockbrader: Utilities Clerk -


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