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Woodville, Ohio
In 1808, a treaty was signed granting the right-of-way for the Western Reserve and Maumee Turnpike. During the War of 1812, General William Henry Harrison cut a trail along the line from Perrysburg to Fremont. This trail later became knows as the "McPherson Highway" (U.S. Route 20) and is now a part of the Yellowstone route from Boston to Yellowstone National Park.
Woodville's first white settler was Thomas Miller, who made the first clearing and built a log cabin in 1826. The Village of Woodville was named after Amos E. Wood, who, with George H. Price, platted it in 1836. Mr. Wood was later elected to Congress but died before his arrival in Washington. The Township of Woodville was created in 1840.
During the period between the 1830's and the 1870's, a large number of German immigrants moved into the area. With them came settlers from Pennsylvania and other eastern states. Part of an area known as the "Black Swamp" was transformed by the settlers into its present state prosperity.

Early Industry:
Before the present industrialization, there were three wagonmaker shops, three harness shops, and five blacksmiths, who not only shod horses but also made hooks and staples. Other early enterprises included three sawmills, a cooper shop, a shingle factory, a wooden bowl factory, and a carding mill.
A brewery, two cider presses and vinegar factories, a brick yard, two potash factories, a cement works, a sorghum mill, an ice factory, a creamery, and five shoemaker shops as well as the usual assortment of retail stores, meat markets, and other businesses and professional interests (as were found in most progressive towns) made the community complete.
Oil was discovered near Woodville in June of 1892. This started a boom which lasted until about 1905 when the producing territory was fairly well drilled out, causing the oil men to move to other areas with productive output.
Woodville also is the home for the Lucky Farmers Elevator, a farm co-op with facilities in the surrounding areas.

Although the lime plants are located outside of the corporation, they are still considered a vital part of Woodville as they make an immense contribution to our economic prosperity.
The first lime in Woodville was produced in the 1840's by Fred Miller on what is now the Hagedorn farm. He hauled a large part of his product by wagon to Toledo and Perrysburg.
The first modern lime plant was erected in 1872. This plant was named The Woodville Lime Products Company, now part of Martin Marietta. The Ohio Hydrate and Supply Company (now Ohio Lime Company) and the Standard Lime and Stone Company (now a part of Martin Marietta) were early lime plants in the area.
All the citizens of Woodville are directly or indirectly connected with the success of the lime plants and have helped to spread the name of Woodville far and wide, for Woodville actually is the "Lime Center of the World."

Newspapers and Churches:
The first newspaper, the News was published on November 8, 1894. This Woodville News published until 1966 when it was discontinued after 42 years of service. The Woodville Limestone assumed the business of publishing local news from 1967 until 1978.
The early immigrants brought not only their habits of work and thrift but also their religion. The present Lutheran congregation was organized in 1840. The United Brethren Congregation (now known as the United Methodist Church) was organized in the latter part of the1860's. The Assembly of God erected their church in the year 1955. Also, two Catholic churches are located within 5 miles of the village.

Government and Taxes:
The Village of Woodville has a Mayor-Council form of government. Other public boards include the Zoning Board and the Recreation Board.
Woodville is a part of Sandusky County with the county seat located in Fremont. Sandusky County utilizes the three Commissioner form of government.
The Woodville Library is a branch of the Birchard Public Library located in Fremont.
Woodville relies on a 9.4 mil property tax and has no Village income tax. Sales tax is currently at the 7% level, and the county assesses a vehicle license plate piggy-back tax.

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